• Alankar Chaturvedi

Empiree Launches Worldwide Today

I am probably writing this with a view that Empiree has a good 70% chance of Failing. While like other things I have built it's from a gut feeling that I created the brand with the thought there might be a need for a brand like this.

While the beta test has so far been successful and we are getting around 10 orders/day from Pinterest alone! I think there might be a spark in the idea, While I am not sure of the road ahead... I think like all other ideas built out of sheer passion it's worth taking a shot.

I hope if anyone who read this (probably geek) would try out the service by going to empiree.com and ordering whatever you like. The prices are low the speed is decent and we are adding products daily. We expect to hit about 5000 products day upload via next month. So stay tuned!